With 6 no-nonsense non-negotiable company policy behaviours drilled into everyone who wears a Cable Systems shirt, you can be assured of consistent quality service from all of us in any department at any branch every time we work for you.

"You had one job"

Introducing Fergus. Fergus is the NZ made job management software through which, all of our work must pass. It is very comprehensive and constantly improved as great ideas come to light at the house of Fergus.Fergus gives us the ability to log your job with all the relevant details including, plans, special instructions, client contacts and absolutely anything else that may be relevant. Staff are assigned their jobs which they access via ipads or phones thus carrying all of this information with them at all times.The system has been built to be very simple to use and our entire operation is displayed on a colour coded dashboard bar graph, a cursory glance feeds back wether a quote still needs to be submitted, staff have not attended on time or if we still need to return to the job.So with Cable Systems HQ on the pulse we can guarantee communication before exasperation..

We will be in touch

You will get your quote

Your job will get finished

You will not get left behind

RELAX, WE'VE GOT THIS! PEACE OF MIND Awareness of all things health and safety has become the norm for all work places. We have all become obligated by law to create a safe working environment for our staff, clients and the general public. Inviting a tradesman into your workplace heavily armed with ladders, drills and other weapons of mass construction would seem unthinkable.At Cable Systems we are well aware of the hazards we create in simply entering a work place let alone dealing with the hazards that are simply a part of what we do. Our health and safety management program is your peace of mind as it ensures that all of our staff undertake the appropriate training for the works they do to ensure the protection of themselves and those nearby.

We also carry a $10M public liability insurance policy to ensure things get sorted quickly and properly in the unlikely event of damage to property.

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